LoMag - a simple, intuitive program for warehouse management.

Adaptation of configuration for your needs

In the LoMag program, handling of prices and clients is optional. If you don't need the handling of clients, then you can select such option and all windows in the program won't show and won't require you to enter the clients. You can also adapt the layout and content of all tables in the program e.g. hide unnecessary columns in the report or add your own. If you need to precisely describe the products, then you can add your own description fields or calculated numeric columns e.g. weight, length. You can also change the calculation method in the documents, precisions of numbers presentation and calculation method of stock values LIFO, FIFO.

Interfejs programu LoMag

Simple, intuitive user interface

In this program a great emphasis has been put on the ease of use. The program uses standard Windows components: menu, toolbars and other typical controls. Windows of the program are designed in such manner, so that you won't have to search for necessary options - e.g. above each table action buttons are located: add, edit, delete, etc. Thanks to this approach, you can very quickly start your work without special trainings.

Design your own document templates and item labels

You will also have visual document editor at your disposal, which allows to create your own prints e.g. with your own logo. The editor allows you to place barcodes for any program fields e.g. in the table with a list of issued items you can add barcode for any fields, so that later you don't have to enter any values manually. You can even place pictures of the items on the prints. Expanded label designer enables you to create complex labels of any size, including the printout of many small labels on one page e.g. 10 labels on one A4 sheet (5 rows of 2 labels).Interfejs programu LoMag

Handling of the barcode readers and label printers

Expanded label designer supports almost all label printers and label sizes, which they operate on. Program also supports stationary barcode readers, as well as wireless data collectors. In particular, we recommend inexpensive data collector Argox Pt-20, which may be purchased in a set with LoMag program. Below you can find a video that shows the operation of collector PT-20 and integration with LoMag program:

If you got interested in LoMag program, pleas download a fully functional version of the program for tests:

Click here to download LoMag program

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