Adventages of using LoMag Inventory Management Software

Efficiency for large and small companies

Work efficiency in many companies is, to a large extent, tight to the skillful management of the stock. Increasing usage of storage programs makes it easier to organize your work and thus streamlines your entire business. The advantage of using the tool is a possibility of primarily remote work. There is no need for permanent supervision and presence of the owner or manager.

Inventory Management Software

Giving your business an extra push

Online availability means that you can use the software anywhere you have access to your computer and the Internet. In addition, the installation of demo software allows you to familiarize yourself with the product, before ever buying it. When purchasing the full version, the manufacturer provides us with ongoing program updates as well as remote and technical support. This means there's no need for an additional waiting to solve any problem. The very important function of the online software is also an ability to work independently of the system installed on your computer.

The LoMag Warehouse software is a very flexible tool. The way to use it depends on the individual needs of the customer. They have the ability to edit the tables and columns that contain the products, as well as the exact description of the storage. Its interface is very clear and easy to use. The interface of the program is designed in such a way that the user does not spend time looking for the options he needs. Using a product is therefore intuitive. This allows you to start work quickly without having to go through additional training. RGOX PA-60 data collector - Portable terminal using WiFi with LoMag database

Reliable Windows CE

You also have the option of creating your own documents. The ability to group and sort them ensures a reliable organization of work, especially in large quantities. Templates can be edited in any way, including, for example, your own logo. In addition, each operation minimizes work outside the program area, ie manually entering data.

The program also has options for creating product labels with barcodes. This allows you to work with bar code readers and label printers. The warehouse program supports most popular desktop readers as well as wireless data collectors, including the reliable Argox PA-60 collector. It allows you to enter goods into the program by code scan. It reads all barcodes without any problems and is extremely durable and resistant to bugs. Most of the devices available on the market use the Windows CE operating system. It supports warehouse management and accelerates warehouse operations. It allows us to operate online based on LoMag software.

If you got interested in LoMag program, pleas download a fully functional version of the program for tests:

Click here to download LoMag program

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