How to choose inventory management program for your company?

Download demo version of the program and get acquainted with its capabilities

Lack of demo version means that the given company has something to hide. Elegant and eloquent sales representative will never replace the software test, which you can perform by yourself. If the program is difficult to use, to install or to configure, it's very possible that you will need to purchase not only the program, but also costly trainings and implementation of the program. Modern technology and experience in designing user interfaces allows for creating software with intuitive interface that does not require special trainings.

Purchase of the program documented with VAT invoice from existing company

If you don't have a large budget, then you can purchase inexpensive inventory management program, however it's important that the purchase was properly documented with correctly issued and signed VAT invoice. To check whether given company actually exists or whether it wasn't suspended, you can use free search engine provided by Central Statistical Office: (you just need to enter NIP or Regon of the company). Analogically, all companies in the European Union, which have VAT EU, may be verified at the following website:

List of software users

Bargain price of the program and lack of the list of companies currently working with this software may mean that you're going to be the tester of a new, underdeveloped product. Aside from the financial aspects, you need to take into account the fact that any change of software in the company is usually time-consuming and problematic. Is it worth it to spend your time on this - and especially the expensive time of your staff, if you don't have the assurance that the purchased software proved itself in other companies?

Possibilities of updating and further development of the software

Technology is developing at a rapid pace: both new devices are created and new versions of operating systems as well. You should check whether the software manufacturer systematically updates the product, so that it will support new devices and operating systems. Another issue comprise of legal and economic changes - the software must keep up with current legal situation and the needs of the market.

Technical support, remote assistance

Nowadays, you do not have to go to the company's headquarters to configure the program or solve the problem that has occurred. Modern tools of remote desktop operation e.g. TeamViewer enable instant and secure connection via Internet and technical assistance directly on the desktop with an operating program. You just need to provide the consultant with the password and allow him to connect to your computer - this way 2 persons can see and work on the program in the company's headquarters. This way you can quickly implement the program, carry out training or solve the occurring problem.

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