Free Inventory Management Software for warehouse

Should You Use Free Inventory Management Software?

Google search engine statistics show that Users most frequently are searching for a free inventory management program for their company.

There are more and more advertisements on the Internet, where you can find programs, including inventory management programs for companies, completely for free. Free software is often advertised as working online, 24 hours per day, from any place with the internet access and from any device with a web browser. These offers are very tempting and many people don't even read the regulations, which are usually illegible or completely hidden under a small check box that is selected by default. We click 'continue' at the same accepting the regulations without reading, and we start working with the free software for companies...

However, before you start working with a free program, it is worth it to consider the following aspects:

  • What are the interests of someone who gives us a free program? Maybe he just waits for us to enter our best clients and their data, and then our data will be delivered to the author for him to sell it further?
  • Even if the author is honest and operates "charitably" or wants to become famous by making free program available: Are we sure that the data of our company will be safe and protected against other unauthorized persons?
  • What are we going to do, when after entering hundreds of records, it will turn out that the program has obvious errors? That it suddenly stops working? Website with the program disappears? And we don't even have an invoice confirming the purchase of the program...
  • The most interesting aspect: Inspection of the Internal Revenue Office may result in fines for unpaid tax on the free software!
Interpretations of the Internal Revenue Offices are as follows: Free software constitutes revenue from the free of charge service and a tax should be paid for it. Internal revenue offices make independent valuation of the free software, based on the comparison with other systems of this type available on the market!

To sum up the above considerations, free programs may cause a lot of problems for your company.
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